Friday, December 2, 2011

Sword Base

One of the original Halo: Reach maps from the Beta, Sword Base, offers three power weapons; the sniper, shotgun, and sword. Here is an image I've uploaded from within the game and edited to contain the newly updated weapon locations. It's a top view of the map containing a red and blue dot showing where both teams initially spawn.

                    Halo: Reach © 2011 343 Industries

The Power Weapons

Blue team spawns at the bottom floor and has easy access to the sword. Red team, having the advantage, has top spawn and should always obtain the shotgun located under the top floor ramp. The sniper is the last power weapon left and spawns at the bottom floor straight under red spawn and across from blue spawn. Red team, having top control, should always get the sniper. Although most areas in this map are easiest to access by jet pack, at the start of the match I recommend using sprint to reach the desired weapons before your teammates.

Key to Success

The most important thing to maintain while playing in Sword Base is to have top map control. Having top map control guarantees that you always get shotgun and sniper. The power weapons in this map spawn every three minutes from when they were picked up. To always have the advantage, remember when weapons are about to spawn and if possible head for the weapon spawn.

Perfect Setup

Every map has a perfect setup where you would want all your teammates, with a specific weapon, placed to have the ultimate advantage. In Sword Base shotgun should always be at top yellow lift, located at top left of the map. The sniper should always be at the top red lift, located at the bottom right of the map. Now the rest of the team should be spread out but only enough to were they can see and help each other. Remember top map control is the key to this map.

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