Friday, October 21, 2011

Basic Instructions and Tips

As I stated before, the best way to improve at Reach is to understand the game and the maps. I will share these strategies with you, but first we need to go over the basics. This all depends on if you’re running in solo or with teammates.

Lone Wolf

If you’re solo, something that I have realized after playing for as long as I have, you can never fully trust your teammates. Remember to always be aware of your surroundings; if you think your teammates always have your back, you’re most likely going to die. It's impossible to know what your teammates will do with out any type of communication. For example, on big maps with multiple vehicles, don’t depend on your teammates, I recommend running on foot and going after power weapons.

Wolf Pack

On the other hand, you’re always better off with trustworthy teammates with whom you can communicate and strategize. To have the upper hand in Reach, you and your team must understand that every map has a different layout of weapons and vehicles. Also, depending on the playlist, weapons and vehicles may spawn at different locations and times, or maybe not spawn at all.

Final Tip

Another piece of advice I can share with you, as an experienced gamer, is to remember to keep your cool. In Reach, the impossible always seems to happen, and you’re going to die or lose for unimaginable reasons. I can tell you that getting mad will never help you out, just breathe. Goosfraba.

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