Friday, December 2, 2011

The Cage

One of the few maps in the game where you can easily commit suicide by falling of the map, The Cage, has multiple power weapons, but only two are crucial; the sniper, and rockets. Here is an image I've uploaded from within the game and edited to contain the newly updated weapon locations. It's a top view of the map containing a red and blue dot showing where both teams initially spawn.

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The Power Weapons

Although there are multiple power weapons in this map like the shotgun and grenade launcher, there are only two that work well within this map. Those two are the sniper, and the overpowered rockets. Red team again has the advantage with weapons in this map, spawning at the bottom right corner with the sniper almost a sure thing, and rockets being up for grabs between both teams. Similar to the other maps I've reviewed, jet pack is very useful here for easy access to all levels of the map, but I still recommend sprint to get what you want before anyone else.

Key to Success

The center of the map, known as "the cage", is the key to success in this map. Besides obtaining the sniper, taking control of the cage guarantees your team to always have rockets and to possess top map control. Red team should always have one teammate run to sniper while the rest rush to rockets. Blue team should have at least two teammates rush rockets and the rest try to kill and steal the sniper by throwing grenades across the map.

Perfect Setup

The ultimate setup in The Cage is to have complete top map control in every location within the map. By every location, I'm referring to the cage, the tower, blue spawn, and sniper spawn. Rocket man should always be at either the cage or blue spawn. While the sniper needs to be at either the sniper spawn or the tower, which is located on top of red spawn. With this setup, all your teammates will always be able to keep an eye on you and top map control is guaranteed for an easy win.

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