Friday, December 2, 2011

Research on Reflection

The Halo 2 remake of Ivory Tower, Reflection, is set in New Alexandria at the Sinoviet HM Tower. Here is an image I've uploaded from within the game. It's a top view of the map containing a red and blue dot showing where both teams initially spawn.

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The Power Weapons

Reflection has four power weapons; rockets, sniper, sword, and shotgun. Red team clearly has the advantage in this map, with rockets being right in front of their spawn. Blue team normally gets sniper unless red team uses jet pack to get to the top floor first. Blue team usually gets sword, while shotgun is always up for grabs. All four power weapons spawn every three minutes.

Keys to Success

Taking control of rockets almost always guarantees victory, that's why red team has the advantage. At the start, all blue team can do is hope no one from red team uses jet pack and steals the sniper. Since this map has so many distinct locations, making call outs is always crucial. Here is a list of the call outs within Reflection:

- Entrance
- Zen Garden
- Walkway
- Water Ramp
- Water Balcony
- West View
- Kai Rends
- East View
- High Balcony
- Balcony Hall
- Back Hall
- Elevator Shaft
- Law Hall

Perfect Setup

Top map control is really important in Reflection if you always want to get rockets and sniper. For that, you need sniper at high balcony (aka sniper spawn) and a teammate with shotgun guarding shotgun lift. You also want a teammate holding sword to guard the other lifts while the last teammate watches the snipers back by looking at elevator shaft.

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