Friday, December 2, 2011

Big Team Battle From Another Pro - Hemorrhage

To help me out on a strategy for a Big Team Battle map, I've gotten my friend, Dmitry, who's more experienced than I am in these type of maps. I asked him some questions regarding strategy in Hemorrhage. To better illustrate his thoughts, I've uploaded an image from within the game and edited it to contain the newly updated vehicle locations. It's a top view of the map containing a red and blue dot showing where both teams initially spawn.

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Me: How would you normally start of a Big Team Battle match in Hemorrhage?

Dmitry: Well I love sniping, so I'd normally go for the sniper and head to the other teams ridge to take their sniper down. In BTB it's really just preference on what you like doing, since there are eight people per team, there's a lot of options. For example, if for some reason I don't get the sniper or a teammate calls it out before I do, I'd try to get in a vehicle, preferably the Wraith. If that fails then I'd try to hop on the Hog (aka Warthog) with another teammate.

Since there are more people in a Big Team Battle than in a normal Slayer game, then there have to be more strategies right? What do you thing the best strategy is in Hemorrhage?

Yeah there's definitely more strategies, I mean there are just so many options at the start of the match. Although in Hemorrhage there is one strategy that I know of that seems to never fail. The most important part of this strategy is to take down the other teams' vehicles as quick as possible, for that you need one teammate to rush top mid on a Mongoose or Ghost and get blueberry (aka plasma launcher). That teammate needs to use the blueberry to destroy the other teams Wraith as soon as possible.

Now you have seven other teammates; one needs to be in a Wraith, another one needs to get the sniper, while four others need to get on both Hogs, leaving one last teammate to do whatever he wants. Normally that last guy will go and steal the other teams' sniper or vehicles.

Wow, thanks for your thoughts Dmitry!

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