Friday, December 2, 2011

Tips From #1 - Pinnacle

The current number one at, Chris, shares his thoughts on Pinnacle. To assist him, here is an image I've uploaded from within the game. It's a top view of the map containing a red and blue dot showing where both teams initially spawn.

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Me: So Chris, how do you usually start of a match in Pinnacle?

Chris: Well that all depends on what team I'm in. When I'm blue, I drop down for rockets and if I don't get them, I take the teleporter and get the shotgun. After that I'll look back to see if our sniper is still up. When I get rockets I normally head top mid and try to kill the opposing teams' sniper. With shotgun I'd head into the other teams base and take control of it. And with a sniper I'd stay at our base and help out my teammates.

If I'm in the red team, then that means we get the top spawn but only get the sniper. Red team is heavily at a disadvantage when compared to blue team in Pinnacle. I'd usually go after sniper at the start and head back to our base, if that fails then I'll try to get the shotgun and attempt to stop their rockets. The only thing left to do would be to rush the other teams' sniper.

What would be the perfect setup in this map? Where would you want all your teammates to be positioned at all times?

This map can be really unfair if you have a good team setup. If you have one teammate at each tower with a sniper you are pretty much set. But if you want to make the other team quit, then have a teammate positioned at banshee (bottom left of map) with rockets and another at shotgun spawn with shotgun. There's not much the other team can do against that setup in this map so they'll probably quit.

Thanks for your time Chris.

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