Friday, December 2, 2011

Powerhouse Research

One of the original maps from the Beta, Powerhouse, is an asymmetrical map that is set in a hydroelectric facility. Here is an image I've uploaded from within the game. It's a top view of the map containing a red and blue dot showing where both teams initially spawn.

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The Power Weapons

Powerhouse has five power weapons; rockets, focus rifle, grenade launcher, hammer, and shotgun. Red team again clearly has the advantage in this map, with rockets, hammer, and grenade launcher being right in front of their spawn. Blue team normally gets focus rifle and shotgun. Shotgun, rockets, and focus rifle spawn every three minutes, while hammer spawns every two minutes, and grenade launcher spawns every 90 seconds.

Keys to Success
Similar to Reflection, taking control of rockets almost always guarantees victory in Powerhouse. Since this map also has many distinct locations, team work and call outs are always crucial. Here is a list of the call outs within Powerhouse:

- Boiler
- Cement Path
- Cliffside
- Dirt Path
- Dormitory
- Lockers
- Office
- Powerhouse 1st Floor
- Powerhouse 2nd Floor
- Ridge
- Rock Garden
- Shed
- Spillway
- Water Tank
- Yard

Perfect Setup

Top map control is really important in this medium sized, power weapon-heavy map, if you always want to get rockets. Having a teammate with rockets at Powerhouse 2nd floor almost guarantees your team will get rockets. Another teammate should stand at top red spawn with a focus rifle, but be careful for enemies spawn behind you at rock garden.  The last two teammates should keep an eye out for new weapon re-spawns, one should camp hammer room with a hammer and the other at top blue spawn with a shotgun.

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