Friday, October 14, 2011

How It All Began

The World of Halo

The Halo series, developed by Bungie and exclusive to Microsoft, takes place in the 26th century and mainly centers on the experiences of a genetically enhanced human super soldier. The super soldier goes by the name of Master Chief John-117 and is essentially the cream of the crop.  Master Chief is regarded as the best amongst the Spartans, a group of enhanced super soldiers, due to his heroics in the war against a military alliance of alien races known as the Covenant.

The Halo Series

Since the release date of Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001, the Halo series has been regarded by most as one of the best first-person shooter video games of all times. Halo is also responsible for a considerable increase in sales of the consoles it runs on, the Xbox and Xbox 360. With the release date of Halo 2 in 2004, the Halo series entered the world of online gaming through Xbox Live. Most would argue that Halo 2’s online multiplayer is the reason that the series is as popular as it is. 

Bungie's Goodbye
In late 2007 Bungie released their final game in the original trilogy, Halo 3. With several new additions consisting of new weapons, vehicles, equipment, and the ability to create your own maps through the Forge, Halo 3 lived up to the hype. Shortly after the release date of Halo 3, Bungie announced it was splitting from Microsoft and would end their part with Halo: Reach, a side story and prequel to the original Halo series.

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  1. I remember the first time I played Halo on the original Xbox. I honestly hated it at first because I just didn’t have the coordination needed to control the game. I had played plenty of first person shooters with a keyboard and mouse before, but that was the first time I played one with a gamepad. Once I got used to it, Halo quickly became one of my all time favorite games. I’ve played every game in the franchise and have loved them all.

    The upcoming Halo: Anniversary is going to be an awesome trip down memory lane. The updated graphics look great!