Friday, October 14, 2011

Blog Introduction

Well here we go; let’s start this off with a brief introduction and a glimpse at what I'm preparing for this blog.

The Plan

Most gamers would agree that Halo is one of most difficult games in its category, and in many cases matchmaking online can be difficult for them due to a lack of experience and understanding, resulting in a poor gaming experience. The idea behind this blog is to use my video gaming experience and knowledge to help any gamer who is looking to improve in the multiplayer component of Halo: Reach. I believe the best approach to meet this goal is to have tested strategies for every map. I will share these strategies with the help of pictures and videos, and also with the assistance of other experienced gamers. Hopefully my tips will improve the gamers’ judgment during game play, make them a better player and teammate, and keep their gaming interest alive.

About Me
Ever since I can remember, I've been playing all types of video games fanatically but none more than Halo. My history with the Halo series goes back to the release date of Halo 2 in 2004. I have participated in Major League Gaming (MLG) tournaments for Halo: Reach. MLG competitions are broadcasted on television and bring together the best gamers in the world. I am currently ranked in the upper regions of the top 100 in the world at in Halo: Reach competitive multiplayer. I plan to use my seven years of experience with Halo to guide gamers in search of new tactics in the right direction.

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